Zoon's (Dirge)
Radio V8
Works on Paper
After Gaucho
Only Then We Rest

Zoon's (Dirge): '89-'91(?). Recorded at Ave. F house, Duval house and Kirkwood house.

Zoon was my cat. Actually she was only a kitten brought to me by some friends who lived in the country. Their Doberman had already killed her mother and siblings when they got to her. I had to feed her with an eyedropper for the first week or so. Zoon (pronounced zoôn) means 'animal' in Greek. The piano part came to me while riding my motorcycle home from a music class. It was fall. A day or two later I was working on it when my neighbor came by to tell me she'd found Zoon (who had been missing) dead. Apparently she had managed to knock over an ice chest with herself inside, so this became her funeral dirge.

All instruments by Jet Brown.

About The Studio:

I always referred to it as Doma Studio because 'doma' means 'home' in Russian. It consisted of, in its final configuration, an Ampex A440 ½" 4 track (c. 1972), 2 Ampex 351 ¼" 2 track decks (c. 1955 but with solid state amplifiers), a Tascam 6 in/ 4 out mixer that I had rigged for stereo effects, an ART reverb/effects unit, an Akai sampler, Gibson Les Paul electric and Martin acoustic guitars, Fender bass and Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synthesizer. At various times it also included a Teac ¼" 4 track, a Tascam cassette 4 track and a Moog synthesizer. The rhythm composers ('drum machines') were Rolands. The piano track for Zoon's was recorded with the cassette 4 track in a practice room at school. I believe that Works on Paper was partially recorded on the Teac ¼" 4 track.

When we dubbed the master tapes to CD we didn't have the idiosyncratic and temperamental dbx noise reduction unit that all this stuff had been recorded with(actually, we had it but, typically, it refused to function) so we dubbed without noise reduction. Thus there is more noise on these tracks than there should be. The fact that all this stuff was recorded using the ping-pong multitrack technique accounts for other noise and density issues. The studio was recently given away after spending almost 7 years in a friend's shed.